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Florida Fantasy 5 Lottery Results

12 18 26 27 28

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One of the most sought after games, the best thing about Florida Fantasy 5 results is that these have multiple winners and you can make good amount for matching just two numbers. This game is like a daydream come true, the prizes are not only for the top winner but also roll down to 4-5 and 3-5 prize levels. Fantasy 5 serves the best winning fantasies of lots of people. To play this game, you will need to pick up Fantays 5 playslip or ticket from us. Every single playslip has 10 panels and from each panel you will have to select five numbers from 1-36. You can also ask the computer to pick the numbers for you. If you wish to get results instantly, you can pick EZmatch™ box located in a panel for $1 more per game. You can also select the EXmatch box located on upper left side of playslip to add up all played panels by EZmatch. Just remember, you cannot cancel the Fantasy 5 tickets. If you wish to play the same numbers again, let us know how many advance draws you wish to play. You can also select the draws from Advance play in your online playslip. Once completed, submit the slip with payment and you will get a printed playslip. Make sure you check the ticket prior leaving the site. Keep a check on dates to visit the site for official drawings.

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