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Cash4life Winning Numbers

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A superb game, Cash4life gives you lucky chance to win 2 lifetime prizes for just $2. This game is played on regional as well as Multi State level. All you need to do is match 5 white balls along with the Cash Ball and win more than a thousand Dollars per day for life top prize. To play this game, you will have to pick a Cash4life play slip from us. Every single play slip has five different panels. You will need to Select 5 numbers between 1 - 60 in the upper play segment or ask the Quick Pick box to select some numbers randomly for you. Now, you will have to pick your Cash Ball number out of 1-4 from all over play segment. You can also ask the QP box to randomly select this number for you. If you feel like playing the similar numbers for multiple draws, who have to let us know how many advances you want to play. You can also select Advance Play option where computer was select as many advanced draws as you want to play. Just make sure that you review your selections very cautiously because once decided these tickets cannot be cancelled. Submit your completed play slip along with payment and you will get printed ticket, official drawing date as well as the total cost of the ticket. You can visit the site on official drawing date to know the results. To win better amount, you can always surf net and ask the people who have been dealing with Cash4life Winning Numbers in USA for a long time.

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