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Lucky Money Florida Lottery Results

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Lucky money happens to be one of the most popular lottery games in Florida. It is one of the prime reasons why you see so many people looking for lucky money Florida lottery results then and now. The Lucky Money jackpots begin at $500, 000 and these figures can easily rise up to $2 million if the jackpot winner is not there, the prize pool rolls back increasing the final payouts for all lower-tier prize levels. However, to play the game you will have to purchase a play slip from an authorized Florida Ticket Retailer. When you have the ticket, you will see five panels and each panel will have some numbers. You need to choose four digits from 1-47 in the upper segment and one Lucky Ballô from the the 1-17 numbers mentioned in the lower play segment of the each panel. You can also allow the terminal to select the numbers randomly for you. If you wish to play the same numbers more than once, just pick up the number of draws you wish to play in the Advance Play segment of playslip. Once you have completed the slip, submit it to the retailer. You will receive back a number printed with your numbers and draw date. We will let you know the official date of drawing when you can come and check for results

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