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Lotto Florida Powerball Results

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There are a number of games that you can count on when it comes to fun, but some, Florida Powerball happens to be one of the most preferred games in America. It is for this reason that you see phrases like "Florida Powerball Lotto Results" or "Lotto Florida Powerball Results". Just like Cash4life, here too you need to match 5 white balls to earn some handsome returns. Players who are able to add Power Play for extra $1 can win as high as $2 million for matching just 5 white balls. Just pick up pay slip from an authorized lottery retailer or us and select 5 numbers from every single panel in the upper play area. Just like all other games, you can also ask Quick Pick or QP box to pick up some Random numbers for you. In the lower play area, you need to select one Powerball number from 1-26. If you wish to multiply your non Jackpot prizes then you need to pick the power play box. It will cost you $1 more for every play. The power play box can be applied to all panels. If you feel like playing identical numbers for multiple draws just pick the numbers and submit them to us or select the Advance Play option.

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